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Front of House

The front of the house – the dining room – is your restaurant's public face, where first impressions really matter. It's also the place to really show off your restaurant's signature style. Chairs and tables and everything you put on them – table linens, silverware, glassware and china – are essential of course, along with functional items like condiment caddies and salt and pepper shakers. Also consider decor items like vases and candle holders. We have it all in stock in a variety of styles, and our consultants know exactly what you need to make your dining room and bar stunning and functional.


Bar Supplies

Table Tops


Chairs & Booths

Signage & Menu Boards


Table Bases

Trays & Stands

Back of House

Your customers might love your restaurant's decor, but it's the food that really keeps them coming back. For your chef and kitchen staff to prepare delicious meals and keep everything running smoothly, they need to have all the right equipment and tools, all in the right place. We supply the best in big-ticket items like refrigerators, ranges, broilers, fryers, and ovens, along with speciality equipment such as pizza ovens, waffle-makers, and slicers. We don't overlook the smaller stuff either. Every restaurant requires a comprehensive collection of tools and utensils which includes top-quality knives, and cutting boards, cookware in every shape and size, storage supplies, and shelving.

Ice makers

Bar food prep equipment


storage containers

food displays

food warmers & holders

kitchen utensils

cooking equipment


Other Brands

We know the list of necessary restaurant supplies is long and it features many items easily forgotten. Our consultants will make sure your order includes all the miscellaneous additional items that every restaurant needs.